The useful links about Korean

Useful Links (1) [ ] is a great resource site for Korean language learners. It has other useful links to available online classes, online phrase books, online dictionaries, Korean language schools, Korean language newsletters, and many, many more. [ ] is a website with a simple layout. It has a page for beginners and it contains a fun crash course of Korean. It also has Korean classes, which contain short materials. It has a discussion forum and a chat room where students of the Korean language can interact for further practice.
Sogang Korean Program [ ] is a great interactive website that features eight levels of learning the Korean languagefrom introductory to intermediate. Each level has different pages namely, objectives, key expressions, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary. It also has tests at the end of each lesson to check on what the learner was able to pick up during a course.
Websterfs Online Dictionary [ ] is a very comprehensive English to Korean and Korean to English dictionary with a multilingual thesaurus translation. It also has a quote of the day, word of the day, word of the hour, and word of the minute. This site is a true gem for Korean language learners!
Finally, U+Fonts Korean [ ] is a wonderful download site for Hangeul fonts. Good for language learners who want to type away their essays in Korean.