Texting Abbreviations in English


Texting Abbreviations

pcukt.com We may not like it, snotty English teachers- but it is the reality of todayfs world. Students, get yourself a mobilea cell phone and learn to text in English quick!
RU OK? - Are you OK?
Y NY? - Yes and you?
OK CU2DAY? - OK. See you today?
NO 2MORO WER? - No. Tomorrow. Where?
@J'S. CUL8TR - At John's. See you later.
LUV B - Love Bob.
F2T? - Free to talk?
N. WER RU? - No. Where are you?
@ WK. NU? - At work. And you?
@ HM. CU L8TR? - At home. See you later?
Y. WEN? - Yes. When?
@7. TA4N. CU - At 7 o'clock. That's all for now. See you.
OK. B4N. - OK. Bye for now.
LOL - laughed out loud
BTW - by the way
IMO - in my opinion
MHO - in my humble opinion
TTFN - ta ta for now